Aakash Soni

Aakash Soni

Aakash Soni the poet behind the popular Instagram account @_theflirt is an author, engineer, and art lover and has been scribbling his feelings as poems of love for a while now.

His work across his poems often expresses narratives of a lover flirting and romanticizing moments of love, his work appeals both to the young and the old, and he has been an inspiration for many budding writers.

A software engineer by profession and working for a tech giant in Bangalore, he was born and brought up in Bhilai where he completed his engineering.

He aspires to write more books in the future and in the world of publishing, this is his maiden attempt to pen down a lover’s diary and hopes to get support from his loving readers, to whom he wants to pass this message:

"if you love someone, gift this read."

Books by Aakash Soni
The Seven Vows of Love

The Seven Vows of Love

ISBN: 9781957302201
Type: Paperback
Language: English
Published: 2022

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