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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is 100% Royalty?
Author gets 100% profit share on each book sold. Profit is calculated subtracting expenses (printing cost and distribution cost) from Selling price as: Royalty = Selling Price - (Distribution Cost + Printing Cost). Selling price can be equal to or less than the MRP.
How is Royalty Paid?
We credit royalty on monthly basis. You can track live sales reports via author's dashboard and the amount is directly credited to your bank account registered with us.
What is Minimum Selling Price?
Minimum Selling Price is calculated taking into account printing and distribution costs. You can set Selling Price (MRP) of your book either equal to or higher than this amount.
How do I set the Selling Price (MRP) of my book?
You can set MRP as anything higher than the Minimum Selling Price of your book. Type an MRP and click on calculate button to see how much profit you will make on every sale of your book. This is just an estimate, actual profit per book sale will be calculated in realtime and shared with you transparently.
How much is Distribution Cost?
eCommerce websites usually charge upto 50% of MRP on the books sold through them.
Where will be my book sold?
Your book will be available for sale at WalnutPublication.com and other stores as per the distribution agreement.
How I can order my copies of my own book?
You just need to pay the printing cost and shipping cost to get copies of your book. It generally takes 3-5 working days for printing.
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