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      Me Time Memories
      Am I A Danger To Public
      An Integrated Approach for Online Secure Information Transfer Using Steganography and Watermarking with Various Performance Measures
      Pangal History of Manipur 615 AD to 2020 AD
      Six Reasons Why
      Fundamentals of Management
      Philosophy of Life
      A Book of Pre-analytical, Analytical and Post-analytical Phases of Laboratory Testing for DMLT Students
      Indian Foreign Policy
      Handbook on Multimedia Applications
      Passion to Profession
      Guidelines to obtain Patent in India
      Amorphous Semiconductors: Glassy Materials Characterization Techniques and Applications
      Hindi ki Drishti aur Dasha
      Macro Economics (Economics-II)
      Manjul Bhagat Ka Katha Sahitya : Ek Adhyayan