Prof. Srikanta Patnaik

Prof. Srikanta Patnaik

Prof. Srikanta Patnaik is Director of I.I.M.T., Bhubaneswar, India. He has received his B.E. from University College of Engineering, Burla (presently VSSUT, Burla) in 1989, MBA from Sambalpur University in 1991 and Ph. D. (Engineering) from Jadavpur University, India in 1999. He has supervised more than 30 Ph.D. theses and 100 Master theses in the area of Computational Intelligence, Machine Learning, Soft Computing Applications and Re-Engineering. Dr. Patnaik has published more than 100 research papers in international journals and conference proceedings. He is author of 2 text books and edited more than 100 volumes and few invited book chapters, published by leading international publisher like IEEE, Elsevier, Springer-Verlag, Kluwer Academic, IOS Press and SPIE.

Dr. Srikanta Patnaik is the Editors-in-Chief of International Journal of Information and Communication Technology and International Journal of Computational Vision and Robotics published from Inderscience Publishing House, England and, Editor of Journal of Information and Communication Convegence Engineering and Associate Editor of Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems (JIFS)He is also Editors-in-Chief of Book Series on “Modeling and Optimization in Science and Technology” published from Springer, Germany and Advances in Computer and Electrical Engineering (ACEE) and Advances in Medical Technologies and Clinical Practice (AMTCP), published by IGI Global, USA.

He is a member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE) and Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). He is also Fellow of IETE, Life Member of ISTE, and CSI. Dr. Patnaik has visited more than 20 countries across the globe and visiting professors to some of the universities. 

Books by Prof. Srikanta Patnaik
Evolving Careers in Management

Evolving Careers in Management

ISBN: 9789355744340
Language: English
Published: 2023