Lion Dr. Kiron

Lion Dr. Kiron

Lion Dr. Kiron, the author of "Shattering Stigma," is an esteemed writer and renowned expert in real estate, construction, infrastructure, hospitality, leisure, and related sectors. His best-selling works, including Earth Shastra, Claim your time, Blueprint Blow up, Medha, Of Feet & Yards, and numerous case studies and whitepapers, aim to enlighten the wider consumer segment, aiding them in making savvy realty investment choices.

Dr. Kiron is the spearhead of a successful realty conglomerate, Suchirindia. Yet, he finds time to author books that simplify the complex world of real estate, making it easier for customers to make informed buying decisions. The books, covering topics from smart investing to time management, have all become best-sellers, with the proceeds supporting various charitable activities through Suchirindia Foundation, the CSR arm of his conglomerate.

A multi-dimensional personality, Dr. Kiron serves as the Honorary Consul of Bulgaria to Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and is the CEO of Suchirindia Group, a diversified conglomerate headquartered in Hyderabad. His exploratory nature has led him to more than 110 countries, participating in daring adventures from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

As a social activist, Dr. Kiron founded Suchirindia Foundation, which strives for societal transformation and quality of life improvement, focusing on rural transformation, education, and social activities. His multifaceted personality, combined with his deep commitment to social causes, makes Dr. Kiron an inspiring figure in various domains.

Books by Lion Dr. Kiron
Shattering Stigma - Empowering Youth Mental Health

Shattering Stigma - Empowering Youth Mental Health

ISBN: 9789359110936
Language: English
Published: 2023