Binoy Raveendran

Binoy Raveendran

Binoy Raveendran was born to Malayalee parents M. Narayani and K. Raveendran in a liberal Hindu family in kerala. He works as an IT engineer in Bangalore. As a poet, Binoy published his first collection of poems titled Sayings of Silence in 2019, The scent of rocks at dawn is his second book got published now in 2021.

The poetry of Binoy is simple but profound and it has metaphors which are easy even for the common people to understand. They usually contain a moral which helps the reader understand aspects of life or teach him a virtue to help him become a better human being. His poetry is known for the intensity of emotions that it expresses, its absolutely perfect form and for the profound ideas it conveys.

Binoy lives in Bangalore with his wife Shabina B. and daughter Dayita Binoy

Books by Binoy Raveendran
The scent of rocks at dawn

The scent of rocks at dawn

ISBN: 9789391145712
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Published: 2021