Carbon vs Silicon: Human Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence

Author(s): Sekar Manickam Retd IPS

  • Language:
  • English
  • Genre(s):
  • Other Non-fiction
  • ISBN13:
  • 9789359113821
  • ISBN10:
  • 9359113824
  • Format:
  • Ebook
  • Pages:
  • 157
  • Publication date:
  • 23-Aug-2023

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In the battle between carbon-based life and silicon-based artificial intelligence, it's important to understand the benefits of both. Carbon-based life, including humans, has thrived on Earth for millions of years, thanks to our unique abilities such as creativity, emotions, and adaptability. However, the rise of silicon-based artificial intelligence has brought about significant advancements in various sectors. From robotics revolutionizing industries to AI-powered agriculture improving crop yields, and from military applications enhancing security to educational tools transforming learning experiences - silicon is making its mark. The book "Carbon vs Silicon" delves into this fascinating clash between human intelligence and artificial intelligence. It explores how these two entities interact in key sectors like industry, agriculture, military, and education. Through thought-provoking analysis and real-life examples, it sheds light on the potential consequences of this ongoing war. By examining the pros and cons of carbon-based life versus silicon-based AI in different contexts, "Carbon vs Silicon" offers valuable insights into the future landscape where these two forces coexist. Whether you're interested in technology's impact on society or want to understand how our world might evolve with AI at its core - this book provides a candid exploration of these complex dynamics.

Sekar Manickam Retd IPS

Sekar Manickam Retd IPS

Sekar Manickam is an accomplished author and retired Indian Police Service Officer, born in the historically significant city of Thanjavur, the capital of the Chola Kingdom. With a Master's degree in Business Administration, he has spent over 20 years exploring his interests in science and philosophy, culminating in his latest book, "Cosmos to Consciousness".

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