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Welcome to the core of the Walnut Publication experience, where the power of words converges with the physicality of pages and aspirations are transformed into tangible realities. Instead of us singing praises about our Walnut Publication reviews, why not hear directly from our esteemed authors? They are the best judges to evaluate their own experiences and share their thoughts.

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Listen to the firsthand accounts of the authors who have embraced their creative potential and embarked on the publishing journey with Walnut Publication. Each author's story is distinct, and their experiences with us reflect that uniqueness.
Arvind Narvekar

Walnut Publication is one of the best in the business. The people who make Walnut tick must be creative and smart persons. They made my book "The Sky Has No Limits" wonderful. The printing and binding are superb. The paper used for the book is of immensely high quality. I would love to meet all these experts in the field. You are helping authors to achieve their dreams with the freedom and flexibility they deserve. It would be an honour to work with the Walnut Team in the future, too. My gratitude and respect to you all.

Arvind Narvekar Author of The Sky Has No Limits

Mohammad Aga Hussain

I was overwhelmed to have the services from Walnut Publication. Their response was instant, educative, cooperative displaying professional values and ethics. The end product coming to my hands was far better than what I was expecting with unmatched quality which inspired me to associate with them once more for another project which wouldn't have been possible without their friendly, cooperative behavior and support. I wish all the best to them in their future endeavours and wish the same cooperation from them to all the upcoming writers in future also.

Mohammad Aga Hussain Author of Aspire to Inspire (A Way of Life)

Vijay Singh

In June 2023, I published "The Biggest Health and Economic Crisis of the Last 100 Years". The printing quality of this publication, outer cover design, inner cover design, attention to spelling, author and publisher agreement, promptness and transparency in ISBN, prompt correspondence through e-mail and phone, honesty in royalties and transparency, publication of book in a short span of time, adequate attention to marketing and publicity of the book, the proof of this is the participation of the publisher in state and world level fairs and providing certificates for encouragement to writers. That is commendable. I wish all the best for the future of Walnut Publication and congratulate all the members of the editorial team. I pray to God that Walnut Publication continues to move forward on the path of progress.

Vijay Singh Author of पिछले 100 साल का सबसे बडा स्वास्थ्य एवं आर्थिक संकट

Sarbajit Roy

Walnut Publication have published my recent book "Realms of the Breeze". I have, till date, published three books from Walnut Publication. I am highly impressed by the team's positive attitude, promptness in every step of the project, superior quality of work, and eagerness to communicate and cooperate at every stage. Wishing them the very best and I shall certainly publish my next book with them. I strongly recommend authors to publish with Walnut Publication.

Sarbajit Roy Author of Realms of the Breeze

Lakshmanan Senthilkumar

A welcoming place with affordable packages, quick review and designing, having both national and global distribution. Had a really good experience in publishing with Walnut Publication.

Lakshmanan Senthilkumar Author of Nermai - Nature's love

Charu Batra

The services by Walnut Publication were impeccable, they offered support throughout the publishing process. I have published one book with them and planning another one, staff is approachable and packages are affordable.

Charu Batra Author of The Giggle Quotient

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