Our Services

Have you written your manuscript on paper? We can get it typed for you. This service does not include proof reading of your typed manuscript.
Price: 30 per page for English, 40 per page for Hindi
Proof-Reading & Editing
Copy Editing is the process of making a manuscript grammatically correct. Our team of professional editors will review your manuscript, suggest changes in grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence construction. We will use Track Changes in MS Word and suggest changes that will allow the author to review and approve. Plagiarism check, Re-writing sentences and Plot checking is not included in this service.
Price: 60 per 200 words for English, 80 per 200 words for Hindi
Copyright Registration
Copyright protects you and your content against possible infringement. We will file your application with the Registrar of Copyright (Govt. of India) and certificate will be issued after verification from Govt. department.
Price: 3000.
Cover Design - Basic
You can select any image (from pixabay.com) or background color and we will design your book cover based on it. No customization is offered.
Price: 2000, Included in all our publishing packages.
Cover Design - Premium
For Premium cover design, we will design taking inputs from your manuscript and you. You can suggest changes and customization will be done. You can also send your own design or photo to be included in the cover design.
Price: 5000, Included in our Plus and Premium publishing packages.
National Online Distribution
Your paperback/hardcover book will be available for sale on India's leading ecommerce websites like Amazon.in and Flipkart.com.
Price: 3000, Included in all our publishing packages.
Amazon.in Prime Placement
Prime enabled books are shipped directly from Amazon's warehouse which leads to quick delivery. Amazon Prime Placement enables free shipping for subscribers of Amazon's Prime program. We will print and keep stock of your book at Amazon's warehouse for 3 months from the date of publishing.
Price: 4000.
Global Distribution
In Global Distribution, we will make your paperback book available for sale on Amazon's store in US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Japan. Global distribution is currently supported for English language paperback only. eBooks are always sold globally.
Price: 3000, Included in our Premium publishing package.
InGram Distribution
Ingram is one of the largest book distributors in the world. They specialize in making books from leading publishers available to over 30,000 stores and libraries across 150+ countries. You can leverage our tie-up with Ingram to make your book available for sale globally. Your book will be available in paperback format with either a full-color or full black and white interior, irrespective of its format in India.
Price: 7000
Author Website - Basic
An author website is an excellent platform to engage with your potential readers. It also helps in building your brand as an author. Basic author website will have author profile and list of books with their respective store links.
Price: 5000 for 1st Year and then 2000 per year
Author Website - Premium
You can sell your books directly from your website and maximize your profits from book sales. We will manage everything from payment to delivery of orders received on your website. Currently domestic shipping is only available.
Price: 10000 for 1st Year and then 3000 per year
Book Reviews
Book Reviews helps in encouraging your potential readers to buy your book. We can get your book to genuine book lovers who will read your book write a review on their blog or on ecommerce websites.
Price: Available on request.
Facebook Marketing
Creation of a Facebook fan page along with a custom designed cover image is the first step in Facebook marketing. We will run promotions to reach to your potential readers. Promotional credits for 2 weeks is included in the price and you can purchase additional credits too.
Price: 5000.
Sponsored Ads
Amazon.in and Flipkart.com are the largest ecommerce websites of India and with the help of sponsored ads you can boost the visibility of your book on these platforms. We will create and manage campaigns for you and provide reports on a regular basis. Our management fee is 30% of total spend.
Price: 5000.
Online PR
Our Online PR service enables you to get coverage in leading online news portals. We will draft press release and submit on 20+ online PR websites.
Price: 7000.