Arvind Narvekar

Arvind Narvekar

Arvind Narvekar is a Mechanical-cum-Marine engineer with a unique background that blends his expertise in both fields. Having spent a decade sailing the oceans on vessels of the Shipping Corporation of India, he gained firsthand experience and collected a wealth of wisdom, examples, and valuable insights. His extensive voyages took him to various corners of the world, allowing him to witness diverse cultures and experiences, as well as learn from his own mistakes.

Arvind is not only an experienced seafarer but also a passionate reader who seeks inspiration and brainstorming ideas from the Literary Greats. His voracious reading habit keeps him motivated and constantly seeking personal and intellectual growth. Embodying his motto of "Stop messing with life and start living," Arvind has dedicated a significant portion of his life to mastering the art of writing. He acknowledges the immense support and guidance he has received from countless sources, considering them as his guides and mentors whom he deeply respects and salutes.

Arvind Narvekar's journey as a Mechanical-cum-Marine engineer and his profound dedication to literature and writing have shaped him into a multi-faceted individual with a unique perspective and a wealth of experiences to share with the world.

Books by Arvind Narvekar
The Sky Has No Limits

The Sky Has No Limits

ISBN: 9788119232178
Language: English
Published: 2023