The Sky Has No Limits

Author(s): Arvind Narvekar

  • Language:
  • English
  • Genre(s):
  • Short Stories
  • ISBN13:
  • 9788119232178
  • ISBN10:
  • 8119232178
  • Format:
  • Paperback
  • Trim:
  • 6x9
  • Pages:
  • 180
  • Publication date:
  • 19-Apr-2023

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"The Sky Has No Limits" is an assortment of articles and stories rewritten from the journals of the author. It is a miscellaneous collection of variety, jumble, medley, and excitement; filled with strokes of life lessons. It includes the stories of Shirdi Sai-Baba; Arvind's mythical magic lamp, the future, "Moksha", spirits, America, learning nest, and kindness. At the core of this book is the secret that whatever happens in life is the will of God. The book contains certain unusual subjects like "Life Beyond", Traditions, "Reincarnation", Ghosts, Astrology, Karma, etc. These theories are formidably hard to understand owing to conflicting beliefs. In case, readers do not completely concur with what is written, take it light-heartedly and ignore it.

"The Sky Has No Limits" is a thought-provoking writing in chaste English. The readers are requested to bear with any anomalies that may have entered due to the finite human mind or the progressive age of the author.

Arvind Narvekar

Arvind Narvekar

Arvind Narvekar is a Mechanical-cum-Marine engineer with a unique background that blends his expertise in both fields. Having spent a decade sailing the oceans on vessels of the Shipping Corporation of India, he gained firsthand experience and collected a wealth of wisdom, examples, and valuable insights. His extensive voyages took him to various corners of the world, allowing him to witness diverse cultures and experiences, as well as learn from his own mistakes.

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