The History Of World Pandemics and COVID-19

Author(s): Pallavi Prakash

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  • 9789390261895
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  • 9390261899
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  • 75
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  • 15-Oct-2020

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“ The History of World Pandemics and Covid 19 ” is one of the most informative non-fiction books which provide valuable and comprehensive information on all the Pandemics which has hit human civilization since last 2,500 years.

The book showcases the timeline of all the world’s pandemics since last 2,500 years and various changes which followed therein, be it social, medicinal, demo graphical or political. It not only provides a kaleidoscope of the same but also showcases how the world rode the tide and survived all these deadly diseases.  

From the period of first major plague pandemic (541 A.D), also known as the ‘Plague of Justinian’ till the present new world viruses, the human spirit has not only been facing these deadly diseases but also came out of them with flying colors. 

The silver lining is; human civilization has overcome every pandemic and irrespective of the challenges; life goes on. 

A must read for entire present and future generations to re-emphasize the belief that human civilization has defeated extinction several times in the past and emerged stronger every time!! So will it again!!

This book is a strong tool for data reference for generations to come. Besides this, the wealth of knowledge in this book is going to make all readers more evolved and strong individuals !

Pallavi Prakash

Pallavi Prakash

Dr. Pallavi Prakash is a name that has emerged as a symbol of ‘Woman Power’ & ‘Neo Face of Leadership’.

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