Pallavi Prakash

Pallavi Prakash

Dr. Pallavi Prakash is a name that has emerged as a symbol of ‘Woman Power’ & ‘Neo Face of Leadership’. She is a par-excellence –Author, International Motivatonal Speaker, Clinical Psychologist, TV Panelist (Political & Social Analyst) & Filmmaker. She has created a niche for herself & is an Iconic perspnality recognized nationally & internationally.

She has authored four books which are ‘Mystique (Science Fiction)’in year 2011, ‘Dynamics of Success (Management Book) in year 2013 & ‘Bringing Back Love (Romance Fiction)’ in year 2015 and ‘The History of World Pandemics and COVID-19’ in the year 2020. She is also a Columnist of several national newspapers in India and has the credit of 2000+ published articles till date since last 10 years. Moving further in the literary journey, Dr Pallavi Prakash is also owner & editor of Leadership magazine- ‘The Leaders +’. Her blogs are known to be crisp and extremely motivating specially for youth,

Extending her creative pursuits her stories and scripts reaches masses through Cinema and TV Shows. She has produced famous TV Travel Show ‘Pranam Bharat’ aired on a reputed Indian TV Channel in the year 2015. She has produced feature film ‘Mohabbat Ke Saugaat (Bhojpuri)’ based on the noble theme of woman empowerment released in the year 2018.Recently in June 2020 World TV Premier of the aforementioned film was done which received both popular and critics appreciation. Dr Pallavi Prakash is also a panelist in various TV news channels in India.She regularly shares her views as Political/Social Analyst in TV debates aired on various channels. With the zeal to create more leaders in society ,her company KSLC has conducted & organized National Leadership Conclaves consequetively since last 5 years and the journey continues. 

She has successfully conducted various workshops and seminars -Trained almost 5000 professionals/students PAN India till date.. She is a “Life Coach” and imparts motivational & life-skills workshop in large number. She has been conferred the title of “Motivational Guru”. Now Dr Pallavi Prakash has broadened her horizon as a Clinical Psychologist and treats patients with mental ailments through her consulting sessions. 

Her efforts are well-appreciated in form of multiple awards nationally and internationally. Academically, Dr. Pallavi Prakash is Ph. D in Clinical Psychology from University of Swahii. Central America. M.B. A & B.Tech (Computer Science) from prestigious ‘University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada’.

Books by Pallavi Prakash
The History Of World Pandemics and COVID-19

The History Of World Pandemics and COVID-19

ISBN: 9789390261895
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Published: 2020