Author(s): Prof. Dr. C. Karthikeyan

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  • English
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  • Teaching & Education
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  • 9789359111650
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  • 9359111651
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  • Paperback
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  • 6x9
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  • 419
  • Publication date:
  • 10-Oct-2023

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This book Rubrics is written for both teachers and students and I believe it will serve as a powerful bridge between teachers' evaluation criteria and students' perceptions of their performance. They establish a shared understanding of expectations, fostering a more democratic and transparent learning environment. The structured nature of rubrics offers students a clear roadmap for success, breaking down complex evaluation criteria into manageable components. This breakdown helps students comprehend what excellence looks like in a particular task or project, encouraging them to take charge of their learning journey and make informed decisions about their work. Moreover, the use of rubrics encourages self-assessment and reflection among students. When they have access to the evaluation criteria in advance, they can self-assess their work against these standards, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. This process of self-reflection is a crucial aspect of skill development and self-directed learning. From an educator's perspective, rubrics promote consistency and fairness in grading. They provide a structured way to evaluate student work, reducing subjectivity and ensuring that all students are assessed against the same criteria. This consistency aids teachers in offering targeted feedback, guiding students on how to improve their performance based on specific criteria. Overall, integrating rubrics into the classroom not only enhances the assessment process but also empowers students to become more active and responsible learners. It supports a more inclusive and democratic learning environment by establishing clear expectations and fostering a shared language of assessment between teachers and students, which is what this book deals with.

Prof. Dr. C. Karthikeyan

Prof. Dr. C. Karthikeyan

Prof. Dr. C. Karthikeyan, Alumnus of IIM-A., with 25 yrs of experience in both Industry and Academia is a Ph.D. (HR)., triple masters in Management Programme from Reputed Universities, and Institutions with M.B.A in (Human Resource Management and International Marketing).,M.B.A., in (Education Management)., M.B.A (International Business).

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