Fluid Intelligence

Author(s): Colonel (Dr) Jyotirmaya Satpathy Dr. Mageswari Ranjanthran Dr. Kavitha Subramaniam

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  • English
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  • 9789355744418
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  • 9355744412
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  • 256
  • Publication date:
  • 22-Feb-2023

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This book provides a comprehensive exploration of fluid intelligence and its relevance in decision-making. The author highlights the importance of gathering and sieving information, applying critical thinking, and questioning oneself to arrive at near-optimal decisions. Through selected inquiries, the book delves into topics such as the behavior of criteria adopted, the direct correlations that exist between approaches, and the identification of variables that affect preference making criteria.

The book also explores the relationship between external variables and preference criteria used, the algorithms and computations underpinning preference processes, and the neuro-behavioral underpinnings of preference capacities. Additionally, it delves into the effects of norms, pressures, and stigma on preference-making and the crucial role of motivation and goal-orientation in influencing preference-making.

Furthermore, the book explores the complex neuroeconomic process that allows for problem-solving in times of big data and artificial intelligence. It discusses fluid and crystallized intelligence and their relevance to personal and professional success. The author highlights how crystallized intelligence, which involves the application of knowledge and skills acquired through education and experience, is critical for effective communication, problem-solving, and adaptability in various domains.

This book is a valuable resource for researchers interested in psychology, decision-making processes, and the complex neuroeconomic process that underlies intelligence. The author's insightful analysis and comprehensive exploration of these topics provide readers with a better understanding of fluid intelligence and its impact on our lives.

Colonel (Dr) Jyotirmaya Satpathy

Colonel (Dr) Jyotirmaya Satpathy

Col Prof Dr J Satpathy is a veteran Army Faculty having served for 29 Years and joined the academic world post - voluntary retirement. Author had his formal education under various universities in India and holds double Masters, double MPhil, triple Ph.D. and sextuplet DLitts in various fields of Economics, Management and Psychology.
Dr. Mageswari Ranjanthran

Dr. Mageswari Ranjanthran

Dr. Mageswari Ranjanthran is a Faculty in Sunway University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She specializes in Digital Economy, Digital Marketing and Product Development, Innovation, and Commercialisation. Mageswari’s teaching specialization is in tourism marketing. Her research interest focuses on developing specializations in tourism marketing. She holds an Undergraduate as well as Postgraduate degrees from University Sains Malaysia. Her Bachelor’s degree was in Communication, where she majored in Persuasive Communication and minored in Management, whereas her Master’s Degree was in Tourism Development. She is a Member of Sustainable Tourism Research Cluster (STRC) and Tourism Educators Association Malaysia.
Dr. Kavitha Subramaniam

Dr. Kavitha Subramaniam

Dr. Kavitha S. is a Senior lecturer and Head of Faculty, at School of Business, Advance Tertiary College, Penang Campus, Malaysia. Dr. Kavitha specializes in Economics, Management and Marketing. She holds Degrees in Bachelor of Social Science with Honors and Master of Public Administration from University of Science, Malaysia in collaboration with Syracuse University Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, New York, USA.

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