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What is Prime Publishing?

Prime Publishing is a hybrid publishing program designed for writers who are committed to making a significant impact with their book. By participating in this program, writers can enjoy the benefits of both worlds: they receive the expert guidance and support of a traditional publishing house, while still retaining the freedom and control that comes with self-publishing. Every manuscript is reviewed by our editors and checked for potential plagiarism issues before publication. While most self-publishing programs are designed for average writers, Prime Publishing offers bespoke publishing services. Each publishing project includes a set of unique service vouchers that allow writers to choose from a variety of marketing services based on their specific requirements. Each book is published meeting the requirements of the writers, ensuring 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Every book published with Prime Publishing receives a Prime badge on its back cover and becomes eligible for offline and library distribution in India.

Authors Love us

Vijay Singh

In June 2023, I published "The Biggest Health and Economic Crisis of the Last 100 Years". The printing quality of this publication, outer cover design, inner cover design, attention to spelling, author and publisher agreement, promptness and transparency in ISBN, prompt correspondence through e-mail and phone, honesty in royalties and transparency, publication of book in a short span of time, adequate attention to marketing and publicity of the book, the proof of this is the participation of the publisher in state and world level fairs and providing certificates for encouragement to writers. That is commendable. I wish all the best for the future of Walnut Publication and congratulate all the members of the editorial team. I pray to God that Walnut Publication continues to move forward on the path of progress.

Vijay Singh Author of पिछले 100 साल का सबसे बडा स्वास्थ्य एवं आर्थिक संकट