Techniques Of Teaching

Author(s): Ujwala D. Andrews

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Book Blurb

The Pre-Primary Teaching Techniques Handbook is a transformative journey that deepens one's understanding of the potential of children and their ability to transform the world. Dr. Ujwala D Andrews gave special consideration to Dr. Maria Montessori's methods to the formative psychic powers of the young child, which lead to all-around development in early childhood development (ECE and ECD).

This is an ideal book for those who are interested in Montessori & Pre Primary Teaching. The Teaching Techniques are designed to understand and implement the technology of Montessori. As there is a large demand for trained Montessori teachers in India and abroad.

This book is recommended to all experienced teachers of young children who wish to gain insight into the best way to individualize their teaching curriculum, so that children of mixed abilities may work at their own pace. Teachers consider this book as an up-gradation and implemented the Montessori methodology in conventional schools.

Ujwala D. Andrews
Ujwala D. Andrews

Late Dr. Ujwala D Andrews (22-02-1957 to 27-08-2020) (M.A, M.Ed, TTC, Ph.D. (Edu), M.H.M, D.B.M, D.J, D.C, LLB ) is an Indian educationalist. A passionate teacher and philanthropist who tried to improve learning with effective teaching methods. She is best known as the architect of India's Teachers Training initiative using the Maria Montessori method where She led the development of the Teachers Training Course way back in 1980's She is being awarded The President Award for excellence in education service, by Hon. President Pratibha Patil and also recognized by the Government of Maharashtra for imparting education to needed through her school Vinay High School Pune. She is known as the Indian Iron Lady in the field of education and has also received awards and recognition from International authorities for her continuous work towards educating children of India. She has received more than 90 Plus awards from the Government of Indian as well as International authorities for her work towards education in India.

She was placed among the pioneers of India's education industry. She was the Co-founder of Avinash Education Society and was working on women's empowerment and was on a mission.

Dr. Ujwala Andrews was Principal of Vinay High School, Pune since January 1984. and all she served as the Trustee of Board of Governors of Avinash Education Society Pune from 1984 to 2020. a non-profit organization of Indian Teachers Training Institute.

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