Ae Zindegi

AKA: ऐ ज़िन्दगी

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  • Language:
  • Hindi
  • Genre(s):
  • General Fiction
  • ISBN13:
  • 9781957302324
  • ISBN10:
  • 1957302321
  • Format:
  • Paperback
  • Trim:
  • 5.5x8.5
  • Pages:
  • 156
  • Publication date:
  • 09-May-2022
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Book Blurb

It is a universal truth that life constantly changes its form. The form of this life bound in happiness and sorrow also keeps changing accordingly. When we are in happiness and joy, we take it for granted and think that it is our right and we deserve it. But as soon as life turns around and turns its back on us, we challenge it to be on the right track, that is, join our happiness by saying 'O Zindagi'. But life, regardless of this, warns us about our mistakes and tells us what is the real meaning of life and where we are wandering. If we get rid of our wandering and walk on the right path, then life does not hold any grudge against us, it comes in front of us again and again with a more beautiful and decorated look. The question is only of our mindset and to divert it in the right direction. Keeping this main thing in mind, this book has been written and it can be taken as a motivational book. It is very important to stumble in life because it is a lesson for life in the form that one should walk carefully otherwise stumble again is sure. The same thing applies about failure. In the event of failure, instead of creating a hue and cry, it should be celebrated and challenged, then it does not take long to get success. Success and failure are an integral part of life, so taking mistakes as a lesson of life, accepting them and taking lessons from them, move forward. If it is said that in order to truly taste success in life, one must first taste the bitter taste of failure, then what to say? It will have two advantages, first, we will keep the success we have achieved, we will keep it with full effort, we will recognize its value. Second, our own success will pave the way for our second success and where necessary, we can help others to know the reason behind their mistake on the basis of our experiences. In this way, consider failure as a stepping stone to success and develop such a mindset, then life will become easier and we will be able to face challenges happily. Furthermore, we should never run away from loneliness and never feel the pain of being alone. This is because in today's world it is a big deal to find time for yourself. It gives us time to introspect, which makes us the best of the best and helps keep us happy. To give time to yourself is to give importance to yourself in a way and it is very precious. Introspection is not just looking within, it is also self-purification. Just as the forest is full of tender, fearful, aggressive animals, so the mind is also a swarm of diverse thoughts. Just as violent animals are made domesticated and obedient, so also the mind has to be purified. Many more such things are included in the book. Believe that life is a challenge to be accepted, provided there is someone to challenge it in the true sense!

Girish Chandra Pande
Girish Chandra Pande

Girish Chandra Pandey

Born: July 13, 1957

Place of Birth : Village-Rasyaragaon, Someshwar, District-Almora, Uttarakhand

Education : M.A. (Sociology and Hindi)

Rachna Karma: From time to time, articles etc. published in various magazines, recently in the year 2021, a book related to India's foreign policy 'India's Neighborhood First Policy' was published.

Present: Retired as Joint Director from Ministry of Culture after 38 years of service while working in various Ministries of Government of Rajasthan and Central Government

Contact : 82, Manzil Apartments, Plot No. 7, Sector-9, Dwarka, New Delhi-110077

Tel: 9582972727 (M.)

Email : girishchpande@gmail.com

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