Limnological study of Fresh water body Bhandarwadi Reservior, Bhandarwadi Tq. Renapur, Dist. Latur. (M.S.) India


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  • 20-Oct-2021
Book Blurb

This book is mentioned the physico chemical parameter with biological zoo and phyto plankton. Which is informative data to related consumers which are industry, irrigation and domestic drinking water. This limnological study is helpful to above water consumers with helpful to other limnological researchers.

Bondage Shivraj Dattoba
Bondage Shivraj Dattoba

Dr. Bondage Shivraj Dattoba

M.Sc. (Zooloogy), B. Ed., Ph. D.

M. Sc. (Subject Communication)

Teacher of Zoology at Senior college level. Research are are Physico Chemical Parameter of water, Analysis of Waste Water from Domestic, Industrial and Agriculture. Zooplankton and Phytoplankton, Protein, Fat content from various sources.

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