Spiritual Health : A Paradigm Shift in Our Understanding of Spirituality for Health, Happiness, and Wellbeing

Author(s): Mahesh Bhatt

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  • 11-May-2022
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Book Blurb

Spiritual Health is considered the fourth dimension of health. Understanding and defining spirituality has evolved enormously during the last few decades of the 20th century due to the scientific knowledge of the human brain, consciousness, and new theories of defining matter, space, and time in the form of quantum physics. It is about the ecosystems of thought processes in the human mind and a paradigm shift in our understanding of spirituality, religions, philosophy, and science for health, happiness, peace, and well-being.

Mahesh Bhatt
Mahesh Bhatt

Dr. Mahesh Bhatt is a surgeon, writer, public health consultant, and researcher practicing medicine for the last 25 years in Dehradun (Uttarakhand), India. He is associated with various academic, scientific, and social organizations and institutions involved in research, education, and social development. His research interest is spirituality and the spiritual dimension of health and its role in global and public health and healthcare systems.

His work on thought processes and their ecosystem in the human brain and the function of spiritual thought processes and spirituality in various thoughts of religion, culture, philosophy, and science created a paradigm shift in understanding and defining spirituality in the context of evolutionary biology and neurobiology for broader implications on health, happiness, and wellbeing.

This book ‘The Corona Years’ is a story of a 21st-century pandemic where a novel virus made humanity humble, anxious, violent, religious, scientific, spiritual, etc., simultaneously, and exposed the fragility of human life and bewildered actions despite all scientific and technological advancements. This book will bring you deep into the amusing, foolish, intelligent, clever, but filled with extraordinary collaborative and cooperative events and actions of individuals, communities, countries, and organizations during the ‘Corona Years.’ That means all emotions, fallacies, intelligence, and zeal of humankind’s collective and individual thought processes. It is all about a global crisis and challenges of the Anthropocene era filled with lessons for its better future and survival.

Dr. Mahesh Bhatt lives in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India.

To know more, visit https://drmaheshbhatt.com/

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