The Rational Solar Calendar: A Flawless Costless Green and Long-lasting System of Timekeeping & The Best Alternative to the Gregorian Calendar

Author(s): Pachipala Mallikarjuna Reddy

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  • 9359114774
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  • 23-Oct-2023

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The Rational Solar Calendar is the best of all general and perpetual calendars proposed so far. This solar calendar has the simplest possible and the most scientific internal structure. The matrix of dates and weekdays, in it, is designed in such a way that the format is the same, for all the months in a calendar year and for all the years, for twenty million years to come. It saves millions of trees every year, eliminates dumping of used calendar paper and thus, friendly to nature and economy. This calendar is highly helpful to all women in the reproductive age group and Gynaecologists. It offers only five different dates for Easter Sunday against 35 different dates of the Gregorian calendar. Further, one of these five dates has its characteristics very close to those of the day of the Resurrection. This calendar is compatible with ISO 8601, and beneficial to International Olympic Committee, Federal (US) Election Commission and people from all walks of life. It follows a simple, secular, sensible and continuous year-numbering scheme with a meaningful epoch. People who use this calendar shall opine that the quest for the perfect calendar came to an end. This flawless, costless, green, all-friendly and long-lasting system of timekeeping serves as the choicest alternative to the Gregorian calendar.

Pachipala Mallikarjuna Reddy

Pachipala Mallikarjuna Reddy

Pachipala Mallikarjuna Reddy, a doctorate in Physics, joined the Department of Physics, V. R. College, Nellore, one of the earliest colleges in India, as Assistant Professor in 1978, served as its Head and retired from its service in 2011 as Professor of Physics. Dr. Reddy has been exposed to trends in teaching Physics and research at Tata Institute, Bangalore, IUCAA, Pune, IIT, Madras, NPL, New Delhi, etc. He participated in a number of National and International Workshops, Seminars and Symposia. He is a Physics teacher of distinction and high academic standing.

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