Herb and Apple

Author(s): Ghanshyam Prasad Soni

  • Language:
  • English
  • Genre(s):
  • Poetry
  • ISBN13:
  • 9798891710023
  • ISBN10:
  • 8891710024
  • Format:
  • Ebook
  • Trim:
  • 5.8x8.3
  • Pages:
  • 60
  • Publication date:
  • 16-Aug-2023

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In the realm of poetry, there exists a realm of enchantment that captivates the hearts and minds of readers, transporting them to ethereal landscapes where emotions intertwine with the beauty of nature, the depth of love, and the mysteries of the divine. It is within this realm that we encounter the profoundly stirring verses of Ghanshyam Prasad Soni, a poet who weaves words into a tapestry of intricate emotions, inviting us to embark on a poetic journey like no other.

In this collection, we embark on a voyage of self-discovery, accompanied by author's evocative and thought-provoking poetry. As we turn the pages, we are transported to realms of profound beauty, where nature, love, and the divine converge. 

Ghanshyam Prasad Soni

Ghanshyam Prasad Soni

Ghanshyam Prasad Soni, an enigmatic voice in the field of literature, possesses a rare talent for capturing the essence of the natural world. As we delve into the pages of his works, we find ourselves transported to lush forests, serene meadows, and mighty mountaintops. Through his poetic lens, Nature's elements come alive, whispering their secrets and sharing their timeless wisdom.

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